About St. Jacobs Quilt Company Ltd.

The St. Jacobs Quilt Company Ltd. (SJQC) is nestled in St. Jacobs, in the heart of Waterloo Region where quilting has a long and storied history.  Early settlers used quilts to warm their families and decorate their homes. 

For generations, quilts have welcomed new babies and have been given as gifts to celebrate marriages and other significant events. 

The St. Jacobs Quilt Company Ltd. blends the quilt making passion of previous generations with the latest 21st century technology. 

We feature a growing selection of quality quilt and wideback fabrics and quilt batting. 

Our personalized assistance includes advice on fabric selection for your quilting project through to completing your quilt (up to king size) on our computerized long-arm machine quilting edge to edge. 

The right tools make all the difference: the “Tool Shed” has the gizmos and gadgets that makes the process of quilt making easier and the results outstanding. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager transform your project from an inspiration to a completed masterpiece to be cherished for years to come.